on Saturday 18 November 2006 - 22:01:49 | by Tripper
For those interested in a fun linux distro, check out BackTrack. It is basically an overhauled slackware with a beautiful selection of security tools. About 3 years ago, I played with knoppix STD which was also fun however many of the tools wouldn't function correctly and development has all but stopped (there was supposed to be a new release at the end of Q1 2005). This is certainly not the case for BackTrack. The developers have put forth a great product which is very easy to use/install/configure.

So far, I have used and/or installed it on the following successfully:

Live CD
1G USB drive (using MySlax)
4G USB Mini-Drive
HDD Install on a Dell Inspiron c640

Like I said, its an easy install and runs great on all of the devices I have tested. I plan on removing Fedora from my laptop and installing BackTrack in its place within a few weeks.

At first, I thought I would just load it and see what was available. After I found out how nice it ran on the live CD, I decided to remove some of the latency and customize it by doing a hdd install. You can find any of the installation methods documented on the BackTrack site should you be so inclined.

I manage the wireless network at my current workplace. I try and stay aware of various methods of hacking into that portion of the LAN and I have to say, this OS is by far the best tool out there. Within a few days of playing, I was able to authenticate to our RADIUS server using a spoofed MAC address. Granted, I have first-hand knowledge of how our security works, nonetheless, I found this to be quite interesting.

I am working on getting kismet up and running with my test laptop at the moment. This has been a challenge mainly because I'm not all that versed in linux but also I happen to have a WaveLAN mini-pci card which is manufactured by Orinoco. This requires you use some patched or hacked up drivers to get the monitoring module to work. So, after I add the drivers or patch the drivers, I may have to recompile the kernel and I'm just not at that level. Perhaps I will be by the end of the weekend.

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