Homebuilding 101

on Friday 01 June 2007 - 07:16:11 | by Tripper
After a long process and of course multiple obstacles, our house is finally ready for occupancy. I suppose the inspector will verify that today however I'm confident that we have our ducks in a row. The project is the reason I have neglected to update anything on my site, with the exception of pictures.

Lets see, we started November 25th by removing the roof from an existing garage located on 24.54 acres. This was by far the most productive day as we had 14 friends and family members show up. We managed to peel the entire roof structure including sheathing and trusses, set the new floor trusses, and nail and glue the subfloor in one day.

The following week we were blessed with 60+ degree weather which is highly odd for NEPa in November. I decided to take the week off and work with my contractor/father-in-law to get the exterior walls up.

Around the 10th of December, the weather was still playing friendly so we continued enlisting friends and family to help place the roof trusses on top of our newly constructed walls.

Knowing we had all the break Mother Nature was willing to give, we wrapped up the roofing and house wrap in short order. This was a great feeling as the structre was basically weather-proof. We were now able to focus on the interior details.

Of course there was a ton of work to follow the exterior walls. There weren't very many pictures taken because visually, it was fairly boring.

So, about 6 months of work and the house is very near completion. There are a ton of "little things" to be finished however more in line with weekend projects. Probably the most difficult and satifying process was the heating system installation. That is reserved for a whole other entry however.

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