Update Just Because

on Saturday 07 January 2012 - 23:11:15 | by Tripper
Realizing that I haven't updated any news items in well over a year, I figured I should probably drop something on the site. Seeing the kayaking article makes me slightly sad because this past summer didn't offer much river time due to the large amount of precipitation received. Hopefully that will be rectified this coming season.
Last week, a few friends and I managed to use my new smoker to create some kielbasa which came out great. I have some work to do on the smoker however for the most part, all went well. I'd post some pictures however my iPhone and my gallery are at war and I'm the loser in the battle.
Other than that, a mild winter so far so my wood supply is doing quite well. I should finish splitting and stage the bulk of it closer to the house but you know, that is much more fun when it's freezing and there is at least 8 inches of snow to contend with.
That's it for the moment!

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