Sun Ultra 10 Change 2000

on Friday 03 November 2006 - 08:00:04 | by Tripper
Solaris is just a pain in the ass. I have some experience in it but you know, it's sad when current distro's of linux are just that much easier to install/configure. So I had Solaris 10 up and running on my Sun Ultra 10. I wanted to install VNC. So I navigated to and found the appropriate link. Of course there were 5 or so dependencies needed. So I began to hit the links and they each had 3 or so dependencies.......

After I started looking at this process just to get VNC installed, I decided there has to be something better...and there is, Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is by far the most versatile OS I've ever seen. To date, I have installed it on an iMac, a G4, several PC's, and now, my Sun Ultra 10 which is a 64bit SPARC processor and as proprietary as it gets. The best part is the install took all of 15 minutes and within 3 minutes, I had the ssh server installed and running thanks to the apt-get command.

So, two things here to think about.
A: Ubuntu is not only easy to use, it works as planned and will install on anything you have laying around.
B: See A:


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