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Title Jq's Jambalaya 
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Method Well To my best Recolation

Choose at least two types of meat -- I use a butt Pork cubed and Kielbasi or sausage. Cube and slice and cook over medium heat in a preferably cast iron pan.
Remove meat and add diced onions to meat fat and little water if neccesary. Cook until see through.
Add water and Rice based on rice recipe 1 cup rice to two cups water also add salt and cajun seasonings, peeper and hot sauce to taste. Stir. Put meat back in put lid on and cook until Rice is done on low while cooking rice only flip it if you stir it it will get soggy. Also Jill always used a little bit of that brown gravey shit in a bottle? To darken the rice. I use it if it's on hand. Remember that rice soaks up the salt and hot sauce so tast the juice and don't add seasonings again until rice is cooked. Also I throw red pepper in sometimes too!
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Credit Jq 
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Posted on Monday 13 August 2007 - 15:53:37