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Title Mango Chicken Salad 
Preparation time  
Ingredients 1 jar of mango chutney
1 small jar of real mayo
slivered almonds
grilled chicken
Method when toasting the almonds you can sprinkle with a smokey seasoning (but I didnt)
and 4 -5 big breasts chopped up (sounds like either a b porno or a b horror flick)
small jar of real mayo too
I hate celery so I small diced it
be really diligent about cutting off any extra fat that may be on the breasts cause it gets tough and that tasted nasty in mine
no chunk it so it doesnt get lost in the chunks of chutney and grapes
I didnt do this but I think serving on some fresh raddichio would be greast cause of the contrast in flavors 
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Credit edpgrl 
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Posted on Wednesday 15 August 2007 - 08:31:02