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Title Cheese Blintzes 
Preparation time 45 Minutes 
Ingredients 2 Eggs
2 Tbsp salad oil
1 C Milk
3/4 C flour
1/2 tsp salt
4 Tbsp butter
1/4 lb cream cheese
1/4 lb cottage cheese
2 egg yolks
3 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Sour cream
Confectioner sugar 
Method Beat the eggs, oil and milk together. Add the flour and salt and beat together until smooth. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. The batter should be the consistency of cream. If too thick, add milk.
Melt 1 teaspoon of the butter in a frying pan. Pour a tablespoon of the batter into the pan, turning it quickly to cover the bottom of the pan. Fry for 1 minute on one side only. Remove from pan and continue until all batter is used up. Stack as pancakes as they are made with fried side up.

Beat the cream cheese, cottage cheese, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Place a tablespoon of the mixture on each pancake. Turn the two opposite sides in, then roll up carefully. Melt the remaining butter in a large frying pan and fry all the blintzes until they are lightly browned on both sides. Serve hot with sour cream and a little sugar if desired. 
Nutritional information Fat free!!! 
Credit Katrina Tripp 
Posted by Tripper 
Posted on Saturday 05 September 2009 - 11:35:12