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Title Sweet Peppers in Oil and Vinegar 
Preparation time A While 
Servings A bunch 
Ingredients 1 Clove garlic
1 tsp salt (canning salt)
1 ½ tsp oil (olive)
Bell peppers
Hot peppers (chilis or jalapeno's)

Process Water
3 cups sugar
1 quart vinegar – apple cider –NOT apple flavored cider
1 quart water 
Method Put garlic, salt, and olive oil in each quart jar. Wash peppers and cut in 4 or smaller pieces & pack good and tight in jar. I put one hot pepper in each jar and also I put at least one piece of red pepper in each jar to make it look good.

Boil process water ingredients and add to peppers. Seal and process for 10 minutes in water bath. This can also be done with hot peppers.

To make ½ a bushel peppers you will need to double the process water you will not have enough.

11 quarts peppers out of ½ bushel 
Nutritional information  
Credit Barb Kennedy 
Posted by Tripper 
Posted on Monday 11 October 2010 - 10:17:43